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Wriggle and dance your way around hungry frogs and aspiring biologists in this worm-of-a-kind, arcade-style, rhythm game!

Using only the four directional arrow keys, you can dance and activate combos in order to do things. Tapping twice to the beat in the same direction will move you in that direction.
Tapping one-of-each of the directions in sequence will cause you to enter FEVER mode! Entering FEVER mode often is highly advised if you want to survive through the entire song! In FEVER mode, you can move much faster and those pesky frogs are no longer a worry, instead they'll look delicious!

If you don't make it the first couple of times, DON'T GIVE UP! Learning is part of the fun! Once you get to the end of the song, you will be ranked on how well you've done, so there's always something to do even after you win once!

Will you be the worm of destiny? Are you worthy of the title of the ultimate rhythm worm? Find out by downloading the zip, unzipping it, and double-clicking on the executable, only for windows systems, for now....


Rhythm Worm - 1.0.0.zip 37 MB

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