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Current Version: Pre-Alpha: (Updated 26.10.15)

[] Release changes:
-Changed winning number of points to 8 instead of 5
-Added trolleys that can be hit towards another player to dismount them
-Fixed bug where a player can drop from their escalator after jumping
-Changed the lance thrust charge time to almost none, making it easier to attack, and makes volleying trolleys easier.
-Players enter the level slightly faster
-Added sound effect for hitting a trolley
-Game defaults to opening in full-screen (alt-enter to go back to windowed)
-Lance distance required to hit a player is now slightly shorter
-Removed effect where the escalator steps would move down when a player is on top of it, this is due to optimizing the performance.

Our current title, Escalancers, is a local-multiplayer party fighting game, where noble lancers must joust each other to the death, on escalators. By having control over the direction of the players' lances, one can use to strategically "de-escalator" one another.
This was started as a 48-hour game jam project by Team Rad: consisting of Jackson Wong, Jeremy Quah, and John Bu.
We aim to casually work on this game as time goes by, and hopefully be able to put it onto the market when it is fully complete.


Escalancers- 3 MB

Install instructions

Just download, double-click on the executable file, and play!